WHAT’S cacapo

〜Paper tubes +
Plastic joints +
Cartonboard =

Cacapo is a house in a house that is composed by Paper tubes and plastic joints.
Paper tubes are tube shaped compressed paper. They are strong and lightweight.
You can make the structure by composing the Paper tubes and the joints and then put the Cartonboard on it as a wall or ceiling.

Easy to make !

Making Cacapo is as easy as pie.
No tools nor knowledge required.
Just open the box and follow the instructions.
Cacapo is ready in a whisk!

Is it a secret base?

This looks like a secret base no matter what your parents say. You can have your own space in the large living room. What would you do there? You can study, of course. (But would you?!) You can spend time reading books or Manga. You can invite your friends to play games with. But the best of all, you can just relax and do nothing in Cacapo!

Dying to add personal flavor?

Cacapo changes its looks when you stick wall papers or decorate with colors. You’ll be surprised to see Cacapo with LED lights installed. Table can be placed inside of Cacapo. You’ll find a totally new Cacapo when rugs and cushions are laid in. Cacapo makes you feel that it belongs to you. You can’t stop thinking about the changes you can make on Cacapo. Customize it to your liking.

Cacapo won the LIFExDESIGN AWARD’s Grand Prix at the Tokyo International Gift Show 2018.